Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don’t forget the garage when staging your home

It's well documented that staging your home for a sale helps you sell it quicker and for more money. It helps the buyer imagine what their stuff would look like in their new home.

Many homeowners forget that the garage is an extension of the home and use it as a storage space for all their clutter when getting ready for a sale. That's a big mistake.

The garage is an important amenity. Home buyers like the room for storing their stuff. So when staging the home, make sure to stage the garage so they can see the potential in it, whether they want to fill it with shelves for storage, put cars in it, use it as a shop area, or a man cave.

Here is the to-do list for staging your garage:


Get rid of all that extra stuff that you don’t use anymore, including the things from inside the home, and have a garage sale.

Use heavy-duty hooks to hang larger items that are taking up space.

If you have cabinets, shelves, or storage systems, organize everything in them. Get everything off the floor and into cabinets, shelves, or bins.

Put tools away in drawers or cabinets or hang them on a pegboard.

Make sure all flammable items, tools, and chemicals are stored correctly.

Clean everything

Dust the walls and corners, just like you would the rest of the house. If the walls don't come clean after scouring, they need a fresh coat of paint.

Clean the garage floor. Attack any stains and get rid of them. Like the walls, if the floor doesn't look great after a good scrubbing, consider painting and sealing it or adding a floor covering.

Don’t forget the garage door! Make sure it's clean and free of scuffs and marks. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Maintenance and improvements

If it doesn’t already have one, install a smoke detector in your garage.

Check the lighting and replace all bulbs. If it's still dim, consider adding lights.

Make sure your garage door opener is working properly, along with all the extra functions, including the automatic light, automatic reverse, emergency release and wall control panel.

Tell your REALTOR® about any unique features, workbench, or extra storage space in the garage so they can be pointed out to potential buyers.

Making sure your garage is clean, organized and in good repair sets the stage for a good first impression. It may not be a deal breaker, but if a home buyer is on the fence about making an offer, it can be the small difference that tips the odds in your favor.

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